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Macklemore (Ft. NLE Choppa)

I wonder how Macklemore and NLE Choppa met…

I’m still a huge Macklemore fan, even though his last couple of releases have flown under the radar. On Friday, the Seattle rapper decided to release “FAITHFUL,” a song in which he keeps it real about his mental health.

“FAITHFUL” is a very deep track. In it, Macklemore raps about being in a dark place and how suicide crossed his mind several times. NLE Choppa plays Mack’s angel on his right shoulder that encourages him to make it out of his funk. Personally, I love the song’s spooky vibe (I’m a horror movie fan) and honest lyrics. I also like how NLE Choppa was used.

Give “FAITHFUL” by Macklemore and NLE Choppa a shot below.

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