Sergio Gelsomino

A tune all about performing in love.

Schwerte, Germany-based musical creative, Sergio Gelsomino, is a flutist, conductor, and composer. With so much to do outside of creating his own work, the artist has perfected his craft by studying the flute at the Vincenzo Bellini Music Institute in Italy. Additionally, he’s gone through conductor training and has a master’s in Musicology from the University of Bologna in Italy. Gelsomino also has twenty years of experience in orchestras and chamber orchestras in Italy, Germany, and the US. The artist also won the King’s Peak International Music Competition in the US. His work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. Sergio Gelsomino’s latest drop is the EP Fiore di nuvola, which features the individual track, “Matini.”

“Matini” is unlike most reviews we’ve done before, purely because it is a concert piece that offers a performative aspect we see only in orchestras or choirs. Between its ear-pleasing flute and guitar, the Italian song beautifully complements itself by being a folky, joyous hit. Regardless of your knowledge of Italian, the rich vocals will leave no doubt of the love written within it. The artist’s clear sense of passion takes us to a new level of understanding, even if we don’t speak a word of the language. Its distinctive style and warm soundscape make us feel warm inside thanks to its unique appeal. This song, and this artist, by comparison, serve as a peak interest for music lovers. So, press play on Sergio Gelsomino’s “Matini” to hear the performance of a lifetime from a professional.


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