Melting Sky


A pop tune with psychedelic vibes. 

Dallas, Texas-based musical creative, Jon22, is an artist who was inspired by family long ago. Jon22’s love for music was first ignited in the back of his mom’s 67 Thunderbird while listening to her favorite 8-track, The Beatles’ Abbey Road. Since beginning his musical journey, he’s worked with plenty of notable Texas-based musicians and producers; these include creators such as Salim Nourallah, Chris Holt, and John Dufilho. His previous releases include the song “Home Is Us” and the album, First Sessions. This, and his other works, are available on Spotify and Amazon Music. Jon22’s latest drop is the hit pop single, “Melting Sky.” 

Trippy beats and a soulful vibe with pop elements make “Melting Sky” a somewhat nostalgic piece that has more to offer. It’s the kind of song that we might find on a movie soundtrack during a good love scene. Lyrics like “Darling, I know if you could, you’d fly away” and “You don’t know why anyone would take something so perfectly good and throw it away” are powerfully delivered by compelling vocals. Overall, the song is a hit about seeing the best in someone and wanting to get out of a bad situation intact. This is the supportive side we always need when we’re venturing through difficult waters. Between enchanting elements and ultra-sweet retro vibes, this is the ideal fusion of old-school and modern styles. In the end, we’re left with a distinctive sound. So, press play on Jon22 and let yourself soar into the “Melting Sky.” 

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