Muni Long bares it all in “Public Displays of Affection: The Album.”




Honorable Mention. Butterfly Effect.

If the thought of “what if” was an actual song. Muni Long tugs at heartstrings with “Butterfly Effect.” 

Muni Long proves she knows how to do an R&B ballad with “Butterfly Effect.” Relying on her amazing vocals, she makes missing out on her potential soulmate seem so emotional. To be more specific, she imagines a whole relationship that never happens since she missed her chance, and now she’s fearful she’ll never find love. This song brings back the authentic R&B sound the world has been craving.



5. Crack

This song is straight crack.

This mid-tempo R&B song is anything but subtle (Even for its title). The song takes a few seconds to start, but once it does, you will feel the chill vibes become addictive and powerful, especially with Muni’s catchy chorus in which she sings about how she is as addictive as the drug itself. I feel like the song should’ve been longer, but its quick transition makes it a certified banger. 



4. Lemons 

Not only does this song give us a rich, throwback beat, but Muni’s booming vocals instantly make it a classic in my eyes.

Muni Long definitely makes falling in love the sweetest feeling in the world! I see myself just daydreaming over a crush to this song. The slow tempo beat blends well with the gushing lyrics Muni Long sings.

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3. Time Machine

How could I not include this iconic single?

This classic track is the best out of all of Muni’s singles and deserves this spot. I love how her lyrics put anyone in a bad b*tch mood and help folks through a breakup. The chorus alone is something you can belt out to cope with a broken heart and makes me wish I had a time machine so I can listen to it for the first time again. 



2. Plot Twist 

Muni Long blends a great R&B beat and an IG drama plotline to give us “Plot Twist.” 

In “Plot Twist,” Muni smoothly sings about finding out her man (a married man) cheated on her. But wait, there’s another plot twist: She cheated too and the kids they have together are by someone else. The plot in this song feels like something straight from a soap opera, and I honestly love how messy it is.  Personally, the slow melody and message of revenge in the song automatically place it in the top 5. 



1. The Words

Honestly, this song is best in every way. Argue with the wall.

Muni Long uses her musical ear to give us this jam that feels like “Time Machine” part two in which she reminisces about her breakup, regrets how it ends, and would do anything to have everything back. It’s the 90s R&B sound this song boasts that really ties it together. 


Conversation (4.5/5)

Cartier (3/5) 

Crack (4/5) 

Lemons (4.5/5) 

Ain’t Easy (3/5)

To-Do List (2/5)

Hrs & Hrs (3/5)

Plot Twist (5/5) 

Plot Twist (Interlude) (2/5) 

Time Machine (3.5/5) 

Butterfly Effect (4.5/5) 

The Words (5/5) 

Pain (3/5) 

Another (2/5)

No Signal (3/5) 

No R&B (3/5) 

IMU (3/5)

Baby Boo (3/5) 




Though this album leans heavily on classic R&B vibes, the rhythm of the beats fits perfectly with this time and generation. Though some songs like “IMU,” “No R&B,” and “No Signal” lack the spice needed to highlight Muni’s signature sound, it doesn’t outweigh the good on the album. 

The features on Public Displays of Affection: The Album aren’t horrible, but they aren’t exactly great either. I’m actually happy this album doesn’t have that many features. Muni alone outshines any guest. Matter of fact, you barely notice Saweetie’s verse on “Baby Boo” because you’re too distracted by the main attraction. 

Muni Long has sultry, unique vocals that instantly make her stand out. With that being said, what’s so underrated about her is her tone. Muni’s passion and dramatic delivery within her voice provoke emotions in anyone who listens. She’s also so talented in transcending songs into stories.

I love this album with my whole heart but I would probably put in a couple more upbeat, party bops to balance it out. The attempt she made with “Baby Boo” wasn’t the greatest, but it definitely showed she could be an all-around R&B singer.  

You should listen to this album because it’s more than PDA; it’s Muni publicly exposing her love life through the eyes of a hopeless romantic who sees love with rose-colored glasses. Her 90s bedroom R&B signature sound blended with lyrics about revenge, love, and sex seems so raw and perfect, it will catch those who claim R&B is dead off guard. 

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