Anthony Sabatino

For those of you that are still in a Halloween-type mood, “Leshen” will strike a chord with you.

Anthony Sabatino is a highly talented producer from Los Angeles and Kansas City. His ability to combine different genres to create full-blown musical experiences makes him so unique. Anthony’s latest release is “Leshen,” a track that will take viewers on a terrifyingly fun ride.

“Leshen” is what I would call a full-blown musical experience. The song starts with a build-up that will get your heart racing and eventually manifests into a masterpiece full of action-packed, frightening, futuristic, video game-like, and house vibes. Without a single word being spewed, “Leshen” will speak to the side of you that craves an all-out thrill.

The 80s horror movie-like music video accompanying “Leshen” is very enjoyable. It further makes the song’s cinematic feel elevate.


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