NBG 23 Is Staying “Out of Sight”

A song filled with the angst and drama of love.

NBG 23 Is "Out of Sight"

Out Of Sight

NBG 23

A song filled with the angst and drama of love.

Hailing from Taneytown, Maryland, Amir Cole, better known as NBG 23, is an up-and-coming singer/rapper. With his flashy and “out there” music videos, Cole has already built a loyal fan base. His first single, “Pain,” was released in 2020. Since then, he’s dropped a total of 21 singles. NBG 23 is working hard and grinding so he can one day buy his parents a new house; a dream we all wish we could fulfill. All of Cole’s music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. NBG 23’s newest hit, “Out Of Sight,” comes off of his debut EP, “Where Did My Heart Go?”

“Out of Sight” has an upbeat, yet somber sound. NBG 23 sings with a style that’s melodic and reminiscent of artists like Juice WRLD. He keeps an energy that’s boisterous and amped-up as he talks about not knowing what’s right in his relationship. It all started when his girl went through his phone… and you can piece together the rest. Lyrics like “I don’t want to fight, I just want some sexual healing” and “We been through ups and downs, now I can’t face her” illustrate just how bad his relationship woes are. He might end up with a broken heart, but at least he has a song everyone can bump. So, stream NBG 23’s “Out of Sight” for when you want to escape your own love life.

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