SISTER WIFE Has “Sugar Coated Sadness”

A pop-rock song that embodies depression.

SISTER WIFE Is Lost In Her "Sugar Coated Sadness"

Sugar Coated Sadness


A pop-rock song that embodies depression.

Austin-based artist, SISTER WIFE, is an up-and-coming musician with a warm, soft voice that clashes with her edgy, punk rock sound. The emotionally provoking lyrics that she produces help fans connect with her. SISTER WIFE began her career in 2019 through Soundcloud by dropping cover songs to “Dream a Little Dream of Me” by Doris Day and “Eleanor Rigby” by the Beatles. Eventually, she delved into original hits. SISTER WIFE dropped her first single, “ROB ME,” in 2021. Her next single, “Time (Can’t Help It),” followed soon after. SISTER WIFE’s entire discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Recently, she released her latest single, “Sugar Coated Sadness.” 

“Sugar Coated Sadness” screams teenage angst classic with its upbeat pop-rock beat and catchy guitar strings. This song is ear candy for fans who are obsessed with Avril Lavigne, Pink, or any other artists like them. The lyrics balance the sweetness of the song with sadness layered underneath. SISTER WIFE sings about how she copes with her crippling anxiety and depression. She masks everything with a painted-on smile for the sake of others, even during her toughest times. It’s a reflection of the deeper levels that come with depression. All in all, SISTER WIFE dives deep into the overwhelming feeling of the constant battle people have with stress and sadness. So, tune your sadness out by listening to “Sugar Coated Sadness,” and remember that you’re not alone.

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