Just Stay

Yung Calamity

A heart-tugging pop tune about trying to hold on to love.

North London-based musical creative, Yung Calamity, is a multi-talented singer and songwriter with an English-Irish background. Before releasing his debut single at the end of 2021, the artist worked with well-respected UK producers. He regularly recorded his work at the famous HOZA HQ. Yung Calamity’s unique sound takes inspiration from his personal experiences as well as the world around him. His lyrics are “honest and uncut, showcasing a relatability and rawness that is unrivaled in the UK.” All of Calamity’s work is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. His latest drop is the pop single, “Just Stay.”

A beautifully vibrant backdrop of instantly immersive alt-pop beats makes “Just Stay” energizing and heartfelt. This song offers up the perfect R&B-tinted soundscape to act as part of a romantic but long-since-lost reflection. Lyrics like “I find it hard to love and then to lose” and “Heaven is a place on earth when you just hold me / I’ve spent a lifetime on my own, all I want is just one more day” emotionally reminisce on the reality of losing the one you love. In exploring grief, loneliness, and romance, Yung Calamity crafts a raw and relatable pop tune that will tug at your heart. It’s just important to remember that there’s not always a way back from that loss. So, press play and experience the pangs of love and heartache with Yung Calamity’s “Just Stay.”

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