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Got It Right

Illie Isamar

A hip-hop single that explores a love affair.

Mexico-born, California-raised musical creative, Illie Isamar, is an artist and producer who always shows off her unwavering passion. Her unique music “embodies that West Coast sound” while also showcasing her versatility. Throughout her career, Isamar has performed on various stages, collaborated with other artists, and released her own music. More recently, she has performed at festivals and venues, including THOP Fest and Sofar Sounds. One of her most popular releases is the collaboration piece, “Benz.” Her discography is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Illie Isamar’s latest drop is the hip-hop single, “Got It Right.”

With a dynamic backdrop of bouncy beats, “Got It Right” provides the perfect dark-tinted soundscape to talk about finding love. Lyrics like “I got enough for the both of us / Nothing controlling us / Travel abroad / Drink outta coconuts” and “Right now, any day any town / We can wait, we can bounce right now” remain romantic. At the same time, the artist reminisces on meeting that special someone that makes her feel lovestruck. This song contains plenty of sweet and steamy moments and a sick flow. All of this helps Isamar in gifting us the perfect energy-boosting love tune. It truly feels like a love letter to the audience. So, press play on “Got It Right” to experience all the emotions and excitement of a new romance.

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