A house single that will sweep you off your feet.

Belgium-based musical creative, Kitarō, is also known as Tarek Marzok. Marzok is a DJ, producer, musician, and artist who enjoys delving into new genres whenever possible. As one of the older creators, he has a trained ear that brings in vibes from the new generation with ease. While he builds up his catalog with new music, Kitarō’s current songs continue to rack up an impressive number of streams on every platform. All of his pieces are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Kitarō’s latest drop is the electronic single “Genesis.” The song also contains accompanying 3D rotating visuals.

By starting out with an instantly immersive blend of hypnotic beats, “Genesis” immediately drops you into an electrifying experience. I can see why it appeals to fans of techno, or really just fans of all ages. At almost seven minutes long, the artist’s entirely instrumental offering certainly doesn’t lack quantity or quality; instead, it continues to build up into a compelling creation that undoubtedly proves that Kitarō is one artist to keep an eye on. Additionally, “Genesis” cleverly combines melodic and techno tones to gift us a listening experience that feels wonderfully fresh and unquestionably unique. So, press play on “Genesis” to dive into a mind-bending experience.