Yung Bleu – Tantra (Album Review)

Yung Bleu looks to solidify his spot in the game with the release of “Tantra.”

Yung Bleu looks to solidify his spot in the game with the release of “Tantra.”




Honorable Mention. Bad Lil Vibe

“Bad Lil Vibe” is a whole vibe.

“Bad Lil Vibe” sounds like the kind of track Gunna would make. In it, Yung Bleu glides over this R&B beat that has a nice knock to it. As for lyrically, he talks about indulging in a woman that has a spell on him. Overall, I feel like this is the most infectious track on the album.



5. Feel It Inside (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign)

I just rock with uptempo R&B party tracks like “Feel It Inside.”

I feel like “Feel It Inside” lightens this album’s mood a bit. In the song, Yung Bleu and Ty Dolla $ign sing about having a little bit of fun while being drunk off some liquor. While the former attacks the upbeat instrumental with both passion and grit, the latter approaches the instrumental like a dude that knows he’s the kind of s**t that cannot be flushed.



4. Freak Freak

It just hit me: Kelly Rowland is the original Chloe Bailey!

In my opinion, “Freak Freak” is the perfect bedroom track. In it, you get a productive back and forth, unapologetic sex-related lyrics, one of those smooth/uptempo R&B beats that Ludacris used to kill back in the day, and a good mix of singing and rapping. While the song does have a bit of an outdated feel, it’s definitely outdated in a good way.

3. What Type of Games

I’m not going to lie, 90% of the reason I like “What Type Of Games” is because it samples DMX’s classic “How’s It Goin Down” hit. That song was my s**t back in the day!

At least I’m being honest, right? I will say this, though: I do like the vulnerability, intense vocals, and super personal lyrics that Bleu adds to this song. It definitely compliments the recycled hook well.



2. Love In The Way (Ft. Nicki Minaj)

“Love In The Way” is the kind of track that rappers who are on the verge of becoming pop stars make (I mean that as a compliment).

“Love In The Way” is powered by a smooth, island instrumental that will put you in a blissful mood. Over the instrumental, Nicki Minaj hits us with hard-hitting raps that highlight her approach when it comes to handling a moody partner. As for BLEU, he hits us with passionate vocals that highlight his approach when it comes to fully loving on someone. The two musicians don’t sound like they are on the same page… Oh well, s**t is fire!



1. Don’t Forget Me

Damn, Yung Bleu decided to open up this album pulling on heartstrings, huh?

Yung Bleu is in his emotional bag in “Don’t Forget Me.” Over a therapeutic beat that has a bit of a knock to it, Yung Bleu sings soulfully about wanting to never be forgotten like Kevin McCallister. What makes the song special is that it boasts completely raw vibes. If Bleu’s infectious melodies don’t get to you, the random choir in the background will.


1. Don’t Forget Me (4.5/5)

2. What Type Of Games (4/5)

3. One Of Those Nights (3.5/5)

4. Fire Inside (3/5)

5. F**k Her Face (4/5)

6. The Real Side (3/5)

7. Love In The Way (4/5)

8. Freak Freak (4/5)

9. Life Worth Living (4/5)

10. Rich Killaz (3.5/5)

11. Bad Lil Vibe (4/5)

12. Your Love Is Dangerous (3.5/5)

13. Soul Child (Ft. Lil Wayne) (3.5/5)

14. No Good Decisions (3.5/5)

15. Feel It Inside (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign) (4/5)

16. Hard To Find (4/5)

17. Walk Through The Fire (4/5)




Yung Bleu is definitely someone that flies under the radar. Even though he works with the most popular artists in the game today, gets decent radio play, and has a Drake feature on his resume, his name doesn’t usually get brought up when it comes to top hip-hop artists in the game. I think that Tantra is the album that will make people finally put respect on his name.

I mean this with full-on respect: Yung Bleu is one singing-ass dude. He isn’t afraid to sing fearlessly or reach notes that he has no business f**king with. You have to respect that. With that being said, I think Yung Bleu does a fantastic job of mixing his passionate vocals with hard-hitting raps in Tantra. He also does a good job of speaking on his love life just as much as his street ties. While I would’ve preferred the tone of the album to be less dramatic, I do think that it displays a level of growth in Bleu that should make you optimistic about his future.

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