All Walls (Come Tumbling Down)


A pop single with a love for authenticity.

Berlin, Germany-based musical creative, Ingolf, is a music producer, singer, and songwriter with over 25 years of experience working as a producer and composer. Ingolf’s impressive career started with his own techno compilation. Then, he began producing for other artists under his own label back in the 90s. In the early 2000s, he exclusively wrote music for television. During this period, he and his partner also founded a company focused on producing studio equipment and custom-made products. These were outsourced to artists, music studios, and broadcasters. More recently, Ingolf’s been focused on releasing his own work. All of his music is available on Spotify. Ingolf’s latest drop is the pop single, “All Walls (Come Tumbling Down).”

An immersive backdrop of infectious instrumentals gives us uplifting feelings of love. “All Walls” offers this emotion to counteract and even hide a more emotional exploration. Lyrics like “Black and white is the world in which you live / Hidden feelings hidden lust behind a mask” and “Always follow the stream and adapt yourself / Never leave your cover, never different” remind us that there’s freedom in being our authentic selves. Between this important message and a kind background, Ingolf shows off his unique style that makes everyone feel important. At the same time, he gifts us a truly memorable pop tune that encourages everyone to “take off your mask.” So, stream Ingolf’s “All Walls (Come Tumbling Down)” to learn how much your walls are holding you back.

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