GloRilla makes her explosive debut with “Anyways, Life’s Great…”





GloRilla taps into the Detroit trap sound to compare herself to fentanyl.

GloRilla’s powerful voice booms on this track as she raps about how she used to let men play her. Nowadays, even though she is doing her exes dirty, they keep coming back to her because she’s too addictive. Overall, this song is a certified bad b*tch anthem. 



5. Unh Unh

This upbeat trap song reels fans in with only two words.

In “Unh Unh,” GloRilla pulls folks’ cards. In her verses, she sends a strong message to the industry that a gangsta like her will be here longer than the usual 15 minutes of fame. I agree.



4. Tomorrow (Ft. Cardi B)

Cardi B and GloRilla are a tandem we never knew we needed. 

I know you know this is one of the best singles GloRilla released to date. She and Cardi B bring out the best in each other in the song. They definitely let their competition know that they are capable of getting down with the New York drill style.

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3. Nut Quick

GloRilla says she cuts men off faster than a quick nut. That’s colder than below, right? 

“Nut Quick” describes the insane ways in which GloRilla does men dirty (Especially in the chorus). She also describes how her past fling could’ve been something more but he underperforms like the Lakers, so she left him. GloRilla’s confidence and swagger in this song will let fans know that she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and what she wants. 



2. Blessed

99 problems and GloRilla is the biggest one. 

GloRilla absolutely goes off in this song. Every line is better than the next. She literally doesn’t miss. GloRilla blesses the track with a sharp delivery and nonstop bragging (as she should) about labels and haters watching her every move while she keeps getting richer.



1. Get That Money

GloRilla puts her own spin on old-school rap. 

“Get That Money” reminds me of “Knuck If You Buck,” and I love it! The song’s fast-paced beat ties in well with GloRilla’s mid-tempo, hard-hitting flow. NIKIPOOH kills her part by matching GloRilla’s boss bitch energy throughout. Overall, this song highlights GloRilla’s southern, tough style and her playful attitude, which makes for the ultimate bad bitch anthem for the best girl’s night out.


1. No More Love (3.5/5)

*2. Ex’s (PhatNall Remix) (Ft. Lil Durk) (4/5)

3. Tomorrow 2 (Ft. Cardi B) (4/5)

*4. Nut Quick (Remix) (Ft. Trina) (4.5/5)

5. Blessed (5/5)

5. Unh Unh (4/5)

*7. Get That Money (Ft. Gloss Up & NikiPooh) (5/5)

8. F.N.F (Let’s Go) (4/5)

9. Out Loud Thinking (3/5)

*10. Don’t Know (GloRidaz Bonus) (3.5/5)

11. Nut Quick (Original) (4.5/5)

12. Phatnall (Original) (4/5)

13. Get That Money (Original) (Ft. Niki Pooh) (5/5)




GloRilla definitely has ‘it.’ She knows what it takes to turn clubs upside down, but at the same time, what it takes to stay true to herself. With the release of this EP, GloRilla was able to carve a lane for herself that is simply refreshing to listen to.

Production-wise, you get nothing but hard-hitting beats on this EP; because of this, you can practically run the album from start to finish at any poppin’ nightclub. The one thing I will say is this: Some of the beats do overpower GloRilla. 

The guests on Anyways, Life’s Great… hold their own on the songs they are featured on (Especially Cardi B). They perfectly blend with GloRilla’s style while not overshadowing her. You also have to appreciate the fact that Glo didn’t add the whole world to this project.

GloRilla’s performance on each song proves she was born to be a rapper. Her cocky personality gives fans insight into who she is as a person. Her personality is the best part of each song, while her delivery of any lyric will make anyone feel ten feet tall.

One of my only issues with Anyways, Life’s Great… is that a few songs on the album sound similar to one another when you listen to them back to back. Honestly, I would change the tempo within some of the songs so GloRilla can showcase her versatile flows.  

The main reason you should listen to this album is that it indicates only the beginning of GloRilla. She sets the tone for being an independent person who takes nothing from no one; something that we all aspire to be. GloRilla’s beats and trill raps alone should make those who claim “female rappers ain’t hard anymore” want to give it a try.

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