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A heartfelt pop single that will stir up emotions.

New York City-based musical creative, min.a, is a 23-year-old Korean American singer, songwriter, and producer. This artist took inspiration from her grandfather’s violin playing, which later led to her competing in the South Korean singing competition show K-Pop Star. Since her 2018 musical debut, min.a has released a number of singles and EPs that showcase her unique “use of musical dissonance, backed by electronic sonics.” They also give us a sense of her “traditional pop-sensibilities.” Typically, min.a’s music explores themes like “insecurity and the existential fear of growing older.” Her discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Recently, min.a dropped the pop EP, i hope i get well soon, which features the track “company.”

With a soft and somber backdrop of melodic piano notes, “company” sets a gentle and reflective mood for us. It is about wanting to be understood and loved for who you are. Lyrics like “I’m probably just at the end of the line / Give you a note to remember me by” and “I want to be somebody, but I’m in no one’s company / Whoever I wanted to be, you just didn’t understand me” intimately reflect on the artist’s inner struggles with heartfelt sincerity. Between ultra-dreamy vocals and vulnerable moments, min.a gifts us a powerful listening experience that explores emotional aches. So, press play on the song to give yourself some “company.”

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