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Rich The Kid

I’m guessing that “Motion” is the beginning of major things for Rich The Kid.

I was so high on Rich The Kid a few years ago, I couldn’t even drive. There’s something about his slippery style of rapping that has always struck a chord with me. While Rich hasn’t quite been able to reach the levels he reached after releasing his first album, I do think people are still paying attention to his moves. With that being said, the New York native decided to release a brand new track called “Motion” today.

In “Motion,” Rich The Kid raps about making major moves and having the ability to upgrade a chick more than JAY-Z. The song boasts this smooth, bass-booming trap beat that will actually calm your nerves. As expected, Rich The Kid hits us with choppy flows over the beat, sounding like an anxious kid that is trying to open up a Christmas present. While I won’t say the song is the best thing since sliced bread, I do enjoy hearing Rich The Kid in his Montana Max element.

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