A hip-hop track that explores an unstable childhood.

New York City-based musical creative, Light, is an emerging artist who offers an authentic and unforgettable listening experience. Born and raised in Harlem, New York, Light experienced significant trauma from a young age. However, the artist didn’t let these struggles stop him; instead, he incorporated those experiences into his music to make others realize that they were not alone. “I am here, and today, I look back on a child that survived and cry tears of joy,” he stated. Light’s goal is to “become the person I once needed as a kid.” As any therapist will say, you have to heal your inner child. Light believes that anyone has the ability to overcome a painful past. His discography is available on Spotify. Light’s latest drop is the hip-hop/rap album, Made in Manic, which features the track “Jubilee.”

The mood is perfectly set up to be emotional and heart-wrenching, as any sad childhood topic should be. “Jubilee,” however, makes it somber and addresses trauma as if it’s a love-hate letter to the past. Lyrics like “Behind her ways I am hurt, I remember everything and you hitting me first” and “All the pain that you taught me /And now that you lost me, I’m the one who’s screaming” bluntly reflect on the struggles of living in an abusive household. It’s something no one should have to go through, and this hit reflects that. With his brutal honesty, Light doesn’t waste any time sugarcoating the lingering pains and trauma that resulted from growing up in an unsafe environment. Regardless of whether or not you can relate to his story, you’ll definitely want to listen to his experiences. So, stream Light’s “Jubilee” to remember that a celebration of the past isn’t always in the cards for every person you meet.