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Ahmad McCown Introduces Himself To The World In “Ahmad Is My Name”

Ahmad McCown

Ahmad Is My Name

Why waste your time trying to figure out who Ahmad McCown is when you can simply listen to this song?

Ahmad McCown is a Georgia-born/Delaware-raised singer, songwriter, and composer. What you’ll love about him is that he has a refreshing love for music. Since a toddler, he knew song-making was in his cards after listening to the likes of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Luther Vandross. Since then, he has followed his dreams aggressively. Some of Ahmad’s recent releases are “My Destination,” “What’s Best For Me,” and “Something New.” His latest release is “Ahmad Is My Name.”

“Ahmad Is My Name” is powered by instrumentation that boasts touching piano notes, outer space-ish vibes, and a great tempo. Over the instrumental, Ahmad relies on hypnotizing melodies and passionate vocals to let the world know about his strong faith, his hope for world peace, and his hate for negativity. While I think that the song is extremely catchy, it’s the uplifting lyrics that Ahmad blesses us with that will really strike a chord with you. On the real, you have to love his spirit. All in all, “Ahmad Is My Name” is the perfect introduction to Ahmad McCown (If you don’t know him already).

Give “Ahmad Is My Name” a shot below.


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