Bebou Says They "Don't Know How"

Don’t Know How


A morose electro-pop song about the difficulties in life.

Bebou is a musical project hailing from Munich, Germany. This project is composed of married couple Stefanie and Alex. Before entering the music scene, they created paintings to share with their followers on Instagram. However, they switched to music soon after for a new way to reach fans. The musical genres they take inspiration from range from pop, rap all the way to alternative music. As a result, Bebou’s songs will likely range themselves from this to that, and they might change it up often. Their discography is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Bebou’s debut single, “Don’t Know How,” is all about hitting a wall in life.

“Don’t Know How” has a beautiful mix of electronic and pop elements. It’s a mesmerizing sound that can cause a stir in anyone’s heart. Bebou gives vocals that are deep and with passion as they sing about a battle within them. Lyrics like “Searching for changes but it still seems so far” and “I count the days till the end of my war in vain” illuminate the deep emotional strains we all face. As lovely synths and haunting voices help to close out the song, you reflect on your own personal battles. Sometimes, it’s hard to deal or cope with the struggles we face in life and Bebou perfectly expresses that. It’s a hit where you can find comfort in knowing you’re not alone on the roller coaster that is life. So, stream Bebou’s “Don’t Know How” when you’ve found yourself at your wit’s end.