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Yah Know

Chance The Rapper

I’m expecting Chance The Rapper’s next project to be one of his best.

I feel like Chance The Rapper has been testing the waters as of late. Under all of our noses, he has released five tracks this year; all of them feel like drafts (One of the songs is actually called “Writing Exercise #2).” Today, Chance decided to add to his peculiar 2022 resume by releasing “Yah Know.”

“Yah Know” is the definition of an experimental track. For starters, the song features production that is feverish, slightly choppy, and hella soulful. What Chance The Rapper does over the production is switch his style numerous times, hype the crowd up, speak with different accents, and remind the streets that he got them. All in all, the track’s invigorating vibes will make you feel OK with skipping church this weekend. Can the Spotify say “AMEN!?”

Listen to “Yah Know” by Chance The Rapper below.

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