Rod Wave – Jupiter’s Diary: 7 Day Theory (Album Review)

Rod Wave makes his quick return with “Jupiter’s Diary.”

Rod Wave makes his quick return with “Jupiter’s Diary: 7 Day Theory.”




3. Break My Heart

Rod Wave opens up this album by pulling at heartstrings.

The production that you hear in “Break My Heart” actually warms my heart. That s**t has this sweet southern sound that makes me want to call my nonexistent family in Alabama for the first time in years. As for Rod Wave, I feel like he shines in the rawest way possible in the song. Not only does he do an outstanding job of explaining why he doesn’t trust folks, but I also like how he comes across as nonchalant in his verses and emotionally scarred on the chorus. All in all, I just love the tone that this song sets.



2. Love Overdose

If your girl smells like fentanyl, I think you should break up with her immediately.

In “Love Overdose,” Rod Wave talks about love being more addictive than any drug on this planet (Including magic markers). The main reason I rock with this song is that it features completely tons of emotion from Rod. The way he plows through the song relying on a style of singing that is both assertive and vulnerable is impressive. I also find it notable how he keeps it extra honest when it comes to his personal life.



1. Jupiter’s Diary

I don’t care how ruggish thuggish you are, “Jupiter’s Diary” will make you cry real tears.

No one is better at meeting touching beats at the rim than Rod Wave. “Jupiter’s Diary” features one of the most touching/gentlest hip-hop beats I’ve ever heard. The sample on the beat alone will give you chills. The way Rod Wave nimbly sings over the beat, hitting us with lyrics that speak on his closeted approach to dealing with pain will strike a chord with you. All in all, I completely felt this song in my soul.


1. Break My Heart (4/5)

2. Got It Right (3.5/5)

3. The Answer Is No (3/5)

4. Jupiter’s Diary (5/5)

5. Love Overdose (4/5)

6. MJ Story (3/5)

7. Just Sing (3/5)

8. Don’t Need (3/5)




Rod Wave is selling records and selling out shows doing s**t completely his way. Even though he said a couple of months ago that his last album would be his last sad-ass one, Jupiter’s Diary: 7 Day Theory is just as sad as all of his other releases (And I have zero issues with that).

Do you know what I find interesting about Jupiter’s Diary: 7 Day Theory? I feel like Rod Wave actually sounds pretty comfortable on the EP. Even though he hits us with his typical sappy vocals and moving content, there’s something about his performances that feel both resolute and unambiguous. You can tell that Rod knows he’s validated, so he no longer has to force-feed us his droopy style. That’s good because I think his approach to music-making is perhaps the most refreshing in the industry.

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