WYATT Says Everything Will Be “Okay”

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An uplifting pop track that explores growth.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, WYATT, is also known as Wyatt Sanders. Sanders is a platinum-selling multi-instrumentalist, artist, writer, and producer originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since arriving on the music scene, he has crafted hit tunes for prominent artists like Diplo, Trippie Redd, and NCT Dream. His unique sound “channels Rex Orange County style bedroom pop with a hint of McCartney-era 70s soft rock.” As a result, Sanders’s gathered support from thousands of fans who loved the old tunes. His music discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. WYATT’s latest drop is the five-track pop EP WY WAIT 2, which features the song “Okay.” The new tune is also accompanied by an official visualizer video.

At some point, we all go through an existential crisis or question our self worth. We worry about the things that we do and how they impact others. “Okay” is here to remind us that everything is exactly that. Lyrics like “I worry too much about all the sh** I can’t control, What people think about me now won’t matter when I’m old” and “I just need someone, Who’s holding it down when life gets rough, Who’s grabbing my hand when I give up” relatably reflect on feelings of anxiety and longing to have someone that’ll stand by your side, no matter what. This means we’re left with the good feelings coming in, and the bad ones going out. We want to know that what we’re doing is worth it, and that we have a great support system in place. Charismatic vocals will remind you that it’s okay to be down, as long as you get back up. This track is the perfect listen for anyone needing a little comfort. So, press play on WYATT to remember that everything will be “Okay.”

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