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Get Away

Young Dolph

There really isn’t anyone in the game right now that raps like Young Dolph.

I cannot believe it’s been a full year since Young Dolph was tragically gunned down in his hometown. As it is with anyone that passes away in the music industry, folks are starting to realize how dope of an artist Dolph was. With that being said, “Get Away,” the latest release from his camp, is the epitome of a Dolph hit.

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In “Get Away,” Dolph raps about his frustrations with making music, his laidback approach to life, and his despise for fame. While you get production on the song that hits pretty damn hard, the youthful sample that you hear sprinkled throughout and Dolph’s unapologetic approach to his verses both defy that s**t. All in all, “Get Away” is a unapologetic banger that will strike a chord with you.

Give “Get Away” by Young Dolph a shot.