Jasijahx Is Ready To "Attack"



A rap song that motivates and dominates.

Jasijahx is a rap artist that was born in Portland, Oregon but is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2016, he dropped his first single, “Tonight” featuring Anthony Lewis. Shortly after, X released singles “What You Need,” “Onlyfans,” and “Run It.” All of his music is available on YouTube, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. A couple of weeks ago, Jasijahx dropped his latest single, “Attack.”

“Attack” motivates people to become winners and to “never go back” to their old lives. The lyrics feel like a mantra of X telling himself to never focus on the past and to be in attack mode to get the future he wants. He also reflects on his past and how he had to climb out of the trenches to be the successful rapper he is today. As for sonically, the track will give you “Laugh Now Cry Later” by Drake and Lil Durk vibes, especially with its booming horns blending perfectly with its fast-paced, hard-hitting trap beat. 

if you want to feel like a champion, listen to Jasijahx’s “Attack” below.

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