Jon Vinyl

A sensual R&B track.

Toronto, Canada-based musical creative, Jon Vinyl, is a rising R&B singer and songwriter. Vinyl has a unique style that incorporates traditional elements and “a voice that’s refined and nectar-sweet.” The Canadian artist also calls himself “an old-fashioned romantic with a timeless sound.” Vinyl’s work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. His latest drop is the five-track EP, PALISADE, which opens with “Slowly.”

“Slowly” provides a warm and soulful soundscape fit for an inner monologue and reflection. To me, this song should be playing in a movie during a dating scene that morphs into a love scene. Lyrics like “Baby, move slowly / I don’t wanna move way too fast, just give me that / You could pull up on me, we could just laugh” and “This love was built on wrongs, we made it right / This ain’t momentary love, it’s for life” are passionately delivered. Vinyl’s seductive vocals create a safe space for us as we dive into his gifts. The groovy blend of beats and heartfelt declarations makes this more steamy and sweet than almost anything else. So, press play on “Slowly” to crank up the heat.

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