Dream Life

Trevor Lee

A hip-hop tune that explores relationship struggles.

Houston, Texas-based musical creative, Trevor Lee, is an artist who grows as fast as he releases music. Since dropping his debut album, Struggle Ain’t New, in 2017, Lee has only continued to gain notoriety and grow his fanbase. He has performed at festivals like Fantom Aftermath (2022), Texas Taco Tequila & Music Festival (2021), SXSW, and Boomin by the Bay. Since 2020, Lee has received attention from notable outlets like The Source, Brown University Political Review, AllHipHop, and Life Beyond Music. One of his most popular hits is the holiday spirit piece, “Everyday Is Christmas.” Lee’s music is available on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and his own website. His most recent drop is the hip-hop single “Dream Life.” The song also has an accompanying official lyric video.

Like most of his pieces, Lee’s newest contains feel-good beats to make everyone feel upbeat and happy. However, while “Dream Life” may sound like it’s meant to be spicy, it’s really a romantic piece. Lyrics like “‘Cause you won’t go, and I won’t stay / There’s a dream life, in da wrong place” and “These trees all look the same / You promised, it wouldn’t be this way” explores the pains and struggles of an unhealthy partnership. Of course, this makes Lee the one who realizes how bad things are with this dynamic. At the same time, he’s trying to alert us to the same problem in our own relationships. In the end, it’s inevitable that there will be heartbreak, and we’ll have to move on. The message is clear: don’t stick around if it’s not equal. So, press play on “Dream Life” to hear an authentic take on relationship woes.

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