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Kelsey Coockson Tells Us To “Go”


Kelsey Coockson

A pop single about heartbreak and moving on.

Netherlands-based musical creative, Kelsey Coockson, is a DIY artist who puts her personal touch on every element of her work. Alongside her partner, Maurits Huijgen, the two run their own independent record label out of their Amsterdam apartment. Their studio is located at Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum. The duo also does their own promotions, artwork, press photos, and videos. Coockson’s unique sound “flirts with pop influences reminiscent of Calvin Harris, Sheppard and Katy Perry.” To date, she has received more than 1 million streams. Her face has also appeared on Spotify’s notable Fresh Pop cover. Her musical prowess is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Kelsey Coockson’s latest drop is the three-track pop single, “Go.”

A refreshing backdrop of bold beats tells us to “Go” and follow our desires in love. The point is to help the wayward, confused soul love like they are meant to. Lyrics like “Ooh, I wish your heart was ending; so dissipating. Why won’t you just go?” and “Ooh, with the beat, my heart is ending; even if the things are up for grabs here” reminisce on a romance gone sour. The song has an engaging, yet lighthearted sense and a truly relatable exploration about exes. Coockson gifts us the perfect pop single that you’ll want to listen to on repeat. So, press play and experience the electrifying sound of Kelsey Coockson’s “Go” to remind yourself that it’s time to go find what you deserve.

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