Christian Rich

Duo Christian Rich has released their new single “Verde.”

Consisting of hip hop DJs Kehinde and Taiwo Hassan, Christian Rich collaborated with fellow DJ Michael Brun and vocalists Simi, Mystro, Crayon, and Vic Mensa to create this song. “Verde” seamlessly blends the likes of EDM, hip hop, R&B, pop, rap, and Latin music, and as such, it is a highly recommended listen for anyone who enjoys listening to any of those genres. Additionally, this song will be appreciated by anyone looking for an upbeat song about trying to get back an ex-lover.

“Verde” opens with a synth and drum kit combination and a melody reminiscent of an R&B song. From the opening beat alone and into the first verse, listeners will be able to tell that “Verde” is an uptempo song. Vocal effects added in via productions, particularly in the first verse, give a layer of complexity to the song and demonstrate Christian Rich’s willingness to experiment. The song changes in style melodically very frequently, including an R&B-style first verse, a second verse sung in Spanish, and a rapped third verse, all anchored by three sung choruses. There is immense versatility in this song where every vocalist proves themselves to be up to making this a high-quality song with thoughtful lyrics and strong delivery.

Check out Verde by Christian Rich below.

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