don’t wanna be your friend


A pop hit about growing up and moving on.

Little Rock, Arkansas natives, joan, are a musical duo made up of artists Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford. Their unique sound offers listeners an “infectious blend of pop eras. With plenty of passion, joan has spent years growing their collection of work and building up their fanbase. With that being said, the musical twosome’s tunes have been streamed more than 120 million times. Additionally, they have over a million monthly listeners across all streaming platforms. The duo has many upcoming tour dates to celebrate their success with fans. Their hits are available on Spotify and YouTube. One of joan’s recent drops is the pop single “don’t wanna be your friend.” The song also has accompanying visuals.

“don’t wanna be your friend” offers an uplifting, synth-heavy soundscape. Between that energy and the low-energy lyrics, there’s a balance of message and tone. Lyrics like “two a.m., I’m freaking out. Heard that you were back in town, well I don’t wanna sit through coffee” and “know it probably sounds too harsh, but I don’t need another scar” reflect on problematic relationships and the desire to move on. However, it remains upbeat to remind listeners that there is always something else to look for. There’s also a relatable reflection on changing friendships. So, press play and crank up the volume of joan’s “don’t wanna be your friend” to remember why you dumped that one person.

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