Destined 4 the Win


“Destined 4 the Win” is an anthem dedicated to anyone that got out of the mud.

Adeeldareal is an up-and-coming musician out of Portland, Oregon whom I highly recommend that you pay close attention to. Not only is his come-up story inspirational (Adeeldareal is someone who bravely dropped out of high school to pursue his musical dreams), but I also think that he has a sound that today’s hip-hop fan has to love. After getting his start on SoundCloud with the hit track “Fly 2 the Moon,” Adeeldareal is back with a flaming new single called “Destined 4 the Win.”

In “Destined 4 the Win,” Adeeldareal speaks about how he went from selling drugs to becoming one of the biggest figures in his city. What’s interesting about the track is that it features production that boasts both lonely and upbeat trap vibes. Over the production, I think that Adeeldareal does a fantastic job of relying on infectious, emotional, and confident melodic raps to highlight both his struggles from the past and his pleasureful moments today (BTW, I f**king love how he talks about packing heat on the hook. That s**t is trill as hell). All in all, “Destined 4 the Win” is a soulful banger that will fearlessly pull at heartstrings.

Give “Destined 4 The Win” a shot below!


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