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Nilka Is Covered By “Mercy”

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Nilka Feels Like Showing "Mercy"



A fiery and passionate electro-pop song.

Born and raised in Florida, Nilka is an alternative pop artist with a mystical edge. Instead of being drawn to the sunny beaches of Florida, Nilka instead was attracted to the dark and mysterious marshes. This would, later on, influence her music and image. Growing up, Nilka’s parents would often play Motown and salsa music, which also shaped her artistry. One of her goals in creating music is to share with others her own experiences. All of Nilka’s work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Her latest single is the pop hit, “Mercy,” a song in which she shows just how much one person can gratefully impact us. The song also has an accompanying lyric video.

“Mercy” has a mesmerizing/groovy beat that includes a mix of piano notes and rhythmic synths. Nilka’s voice is as sweet as honey but also raw and expressive. She showcases her amazing penmanship with the storytelling that takes place on the track. With lyrics like “You shelter me in our secret place where I become warm and dry” and “I can see the rainbow just before another downpour comes my way,” Nilka has created her own world that’s vivid and meaningful. She has several walls put up but finally, they’ve come down with the person she’s found solace and comfort in. This artist encourages us to find and cherish our own support system. So, stream Nilka’s “Mercy” when you need your own moral support from someone else.

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