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This Not A Song, This For My Supporters

NBA YoungBoy

This new release clocks in at 8-plus minutes.

As of late, NBA YoungBoy has been saying stop the violence more than a politician. While I appreciate the message, I’ll believe he put his guns away when I see it. With that being said, yesterday, NBA YoungBoy released “This Not A Song, This For My Supporters,” a song in which he sounds like he’s down for peace, but not really.

In “This Not A Song, This For My Supporters,” NBA YoungBoy addresses his issues with Lil Durk, Bobby Shmurda, his baby mamas, and the people on social media that are making fun of his black fingernails. What’s interesting is that NBA raps about not wanting to indulge in violence anymore, but he also talks about doing some violent things to his enemies. While I like the Master P-Esque beat that powers the song, I do feel like the unorthodox style of rapping NBA uses just wasn’t for me. Nonetheless, if you are a fan of the Louisiana rapper, you have to appreciate his willingness to be an open book.

Listen to “This Not A Song, This For My Supporters” below.

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