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PinkPantheress Reunites With Mura Musa For “Boy’s a liar”

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Boy’s a liar


PinkPantheress and Mura Musa make magic together.

Folks, I am officially hip to PinkPantheress! I once was lost, but now I am found. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard PP’s hits in many nightclubs, I’ve just done a bad job of checking out her other s**t. With that being said, she decided to return to the music scene today with a brand new single called “Boy’s a liar,” a track that features one of her most successful collaborators, Mura Masa.

“Boy’s a liar” boasts heart-pumping production that will bring out the breakdancer in you. PinkPantheress floats over the production, hitting us with a nimble/sparkly vocal performance that perfectly compliments her lyrics about seeking an unconditional love that speaks the truth to her. All in all, “Boy’s a liar” is a cutesy jam that I’m sure kids who just finished puberty will enjoy.

Give “Boy’s a liar” a shot below.

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