Darkness Is My Canvas

A rock track with a dark edge.

The Helsinki-based musical group, Darkness Is My Canvas, has a name shortened to DIMC for easy reference. DIMC is a progressive rock band that was founded in 2017 by multi-instrumentalist PanuP and vocalist/guitarist Petey. Prior to the band, the artists had played together in various line-ups since 2006. Separately, they’ve worked with other music groups since the mid-90s. As a band, DIMC has been described as a fresh fusion of classic progressive rock, emo-rock, and metal. These genres are combined with a theatrical style, resulting in nostalgia overload. All of DIMC’s songs are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Darkness Is My Canvas’s “Bleed” is featured on their EP, Monsters. The song also features accompanying visuals.

If you like throwback music, this may be your next favorite. “Bleed” is full of electrifying guitars and striking drums to make us feel like we’re at home in the 20th century. There’s a certain feeling of Beetlejuice mixed with something darker. Lyrics like “Would you bite my skin, I just want to feel something” and “These scars on my arms, they tell the story, how I want to feel something” darkly examine the struggles of feeling empty and the ache of longing for more. At the same time, we’re left with our own dark thoughts inspired by these lyrics. “Bleed” perfectly balances out its darker moments with compelling tones to stimulate our senses. So, press play on Darkness Is My Canvas’s “Bleed” below.