To Be A Girl

Ayla D’lyla

A haunting dark pop gem that examines self-worth.

NYC-based musical creative, Ayla D’lyla, is a recording artist whose work is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. With a background as a classically trained vocalist, D’lyla’s unique sound takes inspiration from these classical roots. Her music combines “thick vocals and poetic lyrics” for a distinctive “psychedelic, experimental, dark sound.” As a result, her work seduces listeners into a lush world of dark fantasy. According to a recent interview with the recording artist, her German and Palestinian background also influences her style. All of these stylish combinations are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Ayla D’lyla’s latest drop is the pop single “To Be A Girl.” The song also has an accompanying music video.

Classical music is vivid and full of instruments to put listeners into a world of wonder. D’lyla uses that same ideal to create hypnotic tones in a pop hit. “To Be A Girl” provides a haunting soundscape that sets up an emotional reflection on self-esteem. Lyrics like “Ooo in your world, I pay to play the game, But you still get your way” and “My mind is stuck on you, I’m lost I’m thin without him, But its all in my head” intimately examine self-worth and the struggle of losing yourself while in a relationship. It dives into the sense of self and the awareness of life, the same way classical music does, without telling us how to feel about it. We’re only left with what happened before. This relatable examination of toxic romance and soft, angelic vocals, D’lyla presents us with an enthralling dark pop gem. There may never be something else like it. So, press play on Ayla D’lyla’s intense music to experience what it really means “To Be A Girl.”

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