MoneyBagg Yo Falls In Love With A “Quickie”

IMG via Spotify


MoneyBagg Yo

DJs, go ahead and add this song to your rotation.

MoneyBagg Yo clearly loves two things: Wockesha and vajayjay. Today, he decided to drop “Quickie,” a song in which he pays homage to the latter.

Interestingly, I find similarities between “Wockesha” and “Quickie.” Both songs have sluggish vibes that will almost give you an intoxicating feel. Additionally, in both songs, MoneyBagg sounds in deeply in love. in “Quickie,” though, it’s not wock that he talks about being in love with; it’s his woman. Throughout the song, he salutes everything from her vagina to her efficient transactions. I wouldn’t call the song the most exciting thing I heard today, but I would call it the most honest.

Give “Quickie” a shot below.

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