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Russ Sounds Super Confident In “Too Much”

IMG via Spotify

Too Much


“Too Much” will give you “CHOMP” vibes.

A few days ago, Russ celebrated the one-year anniversary of CHOMP 2, one of the hardest hip-hop projects of that year. I’m guessing that In honor of the EP the Atlanta-based artist decided to release “Too Much,” a track in which he drops hefty bars.

“Too Much” is powered by a triumphant beat. Over it, Russ hits us with lofty bars that highlight his wins and unflappable demeanor. He also raps about feeling rejuvenated. While I don’t quite love the audio quality of the track, I do think it accomplishes its mission of getting you to put respect on Russ’ name.

Give “Too Much” by Russ a shot below.

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