Yes, this is real. SZA has an iconic comeback with “SOS!”





SZA’s in her villain era, and we love to see it!

In “Seek & Destroy,” SZA’s pain and heartbreak drive her to get revenge on her ex. Throughout the song, you’ll hear how fierce love can be and how wounds can heal but scars can remain. The infectious, mid-tempo R&B beat blends well with SZA’s scheming. 



5. Love Language 

Any song featuring Aaliyah’s lyrics is goated. 

SZA incorporates Aaliyah’s “I Don’t Wanna” with her single “Hit Different” featuring Ty Dolla Sign to make this masterpiece. Lyrically, she shows the importance of love language within a relationship. SZA wants to learn how to love her man and begs for better communication; however, he’s too guarded. The mid-tempo flow with heavy R&B influences solidifies this song as an R&B classic. 



4. Snooze  

An underrated love song for a generation that yearns to be loved. 

SZA makes being in love feel so good and painful! This song will make anyone miss their other half; whether close or far. The slow tempo beat blends perfectly with SZA’s vulnerability.

3. F2F 

Proof SZA can body any genre. 

SZA channels a punk-rock style that she surprisingly pulls off. Content-wise, she talks about trying to fill her emptiness after getting dumped; however, she is looking in the wrong places. Despite the song’s soothing rock melody, SZA’s lyrics remain as painful as her heartbreak. This song proves her pen has depth.



2. Gone Girl 

“Gone Girl” will make you say “amen!” 

SZA takes us to church! In the song, she confesses her conflict with love: She wants the space to grow but her man won’t let her change. Ultimately, SZA is torn between being suffocated and becoming a new person. She explores the challenges of growing out of love while having choir vocals backing her up. This smooth, contemporary R&B-infused soul song is a modern gospel anthem for this generation. 



1. Kill Bill 

Note to self: Don’t end up on SZA’s kill list. This is the best song on the album without a doubt.

This song is the best on the album, no question about it. Its mid-tempo, dreamy alternative r&b-infused sound complements SZA’s soothing vocals as she lists who’s on her kill list. Lyrically, SZA explores the depths of where love and obsession take her. As much as she tries to “mature,” in the end, the thought of being lonely drives her insane. The song takes a drastic turn as killing her ex and his new girlfriend goes from “not being the best idea” to reality with SZA having no regrets. Maybe being a crazy ex isn’t such a bad thing.


1. SOS (4/5)

2. Kill Bill (5/5)

3. Seek & Destroy (4/5)

4. Low (3.5/5)

5. Love Language (5/5)

6. Blind (4/5)

7. Used (Ft. Don Toliver) (4/5)

8. Snooze (4.5/5)

9. Notice Me (4/5)

10. Gone Girl (5/5)

11. Smoking On My Ex Pack (4.5/5)

12. Ghost In The Machine (Feat. Phoebe Bridgers) (3/5)

13. FZF (4.5/5)

14. Nobody Gets Me (3.5/5)

15. Conceited (4/5)

16. Special (4/5)

17. Too Late (4/5)

18. Far (3.5/5)

19. Shirt (4/5)

20. Open Arms (Ft. Travis Scott) (4/5)

21. I Hate U (4/5)

22. Good Days (4.5/5)

23. Forgiveness (Feat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard) (4.5/5)




I wouldn’t say this album was worth the wait (Mainly because we waited for this release for a long damn time), but I’m glad we’re ending the year right with such an iconic project. SOS has a clear R&B influence but makes the genre better as it evaluates the sound of mid-slow tempo contemporary R&B. The album channels SZA’s lowkey R&B vibe despite having duds like “Ghost In The Machine” and “Far”. 

The guest appearances on SOS held their own but SZA outshines them so much, it’s almost like they weren’t needed. I’m happy that SZA’s comeback didn’t include as many features because it allows her to highlight her musical talent. This album reminds people of how amazing an artist SZA is. 

SZA has airy, sultry vocals that set her apart from any R&B artist. Her tone is the best part of her delivery. Her ability to dig into her raw emotions and provoke fans to feel her energy is fantastic. I love how her voice and style blend with any genre she takes on.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this album but I wished SZA could’ve expanded her sound and explored more genres besides R&B. Her attempt with “F2F” proved she has the range to blend in with any style and shows she has not only an ear for music, but the vocals to back it up. 

This album isn’t better than CTRL, but it evolves from SZA’s last. In it, the TDE singer goes in-depth about the challenges of love and makes fans question whether it is worth it all. Her raw emotions throughout the album will help anyone going through a rough breakup; mainly by letting people know that they’re not alone. SZA’s soft, alternative R&B sound matches her descriptive lyrics about loss, revenge, love, and sex, highlighting how intense relationships are and how scary being vulnerable can be. It will make people reevaluate how they view love while catching vibes.

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