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Miss My Dawgs

YG (Ft. Lil Wayne)

Lil Wayne and YG have made some very damn good music in the past together.

In the midst of a busy second half of the year for music, YG dropped an album called I GOT ISSUES that I think is pretty solid. I have an inkling that a deluxe version of the project will hit streaming services really soon. Don’t be surprised if “Miss My Dawgs,” YG’s latest single, ends up on there.

In “Miss My Dawgs,” YG raps about missing the homies he grew up on the block with. As for Lil Wayne, for part of his verse, he raps about the same thing as YG but eventually goes off the rails and starts to rap about smashing women and being a G. What’s funny is that I feel like YG approaches the song on a very serious tip; Lil Wayne approaches it on a fun-loving and playful tip. Nonetheless, I think “Miss My Dawgs” features a very catchy hook, some comical Wayne punchlines, and some real-ass messages.

Give “Miss My Dawgs” by YG and Lil Wayne a shot below.

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