Keep Calling

Blxst (Ft. Larry June)

Blxst and Larry June are two cool-ass dudes.

I play Blxst’s most recent album, Before You Go, often. In my opinion, the project has a bunch of smooth R&B bangers. It’s clear that Blxst believes smooth music is his lane because his latest single, “Keep Calling” with Larry June, falls directly in line with that sound.

Larry June is also a smooth operator, so he ends up fitting “Keep Calling” perfectly. In the song, both June and Blxst tell us about their successes, karate-kicking diamonds, and big business endeavors using styles that sound laidback as hell. While the latter comes across as semi-cocky, the former comes across as extremely unbothered. I respect each of their approaches to flexing.

Give “Keep Calling” by Blxst and Larry June a shot below.

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