Sweet Yamz

Fetty Wap (Ft. Wiz Khalifa)

Fetty Wap sounds like the second coming of Ron Isley in “Sweet Yamz.”

Will 2023 be Fetty Wap’s year? In the last couple of months, he has released some pretty solid tracks. One of Fetty’s biggest hits from this year, “Sweet Yamz,” got a Wiz Khalifa remix that dropped this past weekend.

They don’t make songs like “Sweet Yamz” anymore… Literally! The track features this smooth, old-school R&B beat that I’m sure your grandparents can get jiggy with. Over it, Fetty Wap and Wiz Khalifa hit us with the kind of melodies that got our grandmothers to sweat back in the day. With that being said, while Wiz spends time sweet-talking his woman in his verse, Fetty Wap hits us with modern-day lyrics about hustling and selling drugs.

Give the very interesting “Sweet Yamz (Remix)” a shot below.

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