Alright Anyway

Shon Tha Phenom

A hip-hop single that encourages us to keep going.

Columbus, Ohio-based musical creative, Shon Tha Phenom, is also known as Shon Francis. Francis is an indie artist who constantly grinds to push out new creations for his listeners. These are almost always a mix of infectious backgrounds with impressive vocals. The genre usually revolves around hip-hop and rap with some delving into other genres. Some of Francis’s previous releases include the tracks “Blink Of An Eye,” “Always,” and “Got It Back.” These songs, as well as others, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Shon Tha Phenom’s latest drop is the hip-hop single, “Alright Anyway.” The song has an accompanying home video, and it also features rapper Taelor Gray.

Infectious beats layer under personal recollections and emotional validations here. At the same time, “Alright Anyway” keeps everything on a high horse of its own. The words remind us to look ahead and find something better to work towards. Lyrics like “Alright I’m feeling fine, I can’t even lie, days are looking bright, made it right,” and “I put up a fight, it’s no excuses, I just keep it moving, I ain’t got the time” offer motivation to us. They also remind us to keep grinding, regardless of struggles, because better things are ahead. Thought-provoking lyrics and gospel moments create a perfect, mood-boosting hit that won’t let life’s obstacles keep us from achieving our goals. So, press play on Shon Tha Phenom and remember that even when we face challenges, things are gonna be “Alright Anyway.”

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