Jon Swaii Has No "Ego"


Jon Swaii

A hip-hop track that’s too authentic.

Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, Jon Swaii is an artist and producer. Often having to move throughout his life, Swaii has several places he’s called home. Due to the frequent moving, he was the target of constant bullying. Eventually, he decided to take all the emotions he had festered in and put it in his pen writing poetry. This poetry ultimately turned into rap, leading him to create music. With influences like J. Cole, Jay Z, Andre 3000, and Nas, Swaii embodies real hip hop to its core. His latest EP, Paradise, proves that: the album is filled with passionate lyrics and raw honesty. This EP, as well as others, is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Jon Swaii’s latest hit is the hip-hop bop, “Ego.” Singer and songwriter Bairi is also featured on the track, creating a perfect flow with Swaii.

Chill piano beats help to cultivate a sound that’s sophisticated, yet hard-hitting. “Ego” explores battles with mental health, being in the industry, and realizing what’s really important. With a hypnotic flow, Swaii holds a candor filled with intelligence. Lyrics like “All about an image so afraid to face the truth” and “Contemplating if I don’t make it do I want to be alive” are just a few of the thought provoking truths that will linger in your head long after the song is done. Bairi also provides beautiful vocals filled with 90s R&B nostalgia. Swaii has crafted a song you can vibe to, and also think to. So, stream Jon Swaii’s “Ego” when you’re in the mood for a song that will have you introspective.

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