The self-proclaimed ‘King of R&B’ presents us with outstanding R&B music in “Sincerely For You.”

 TOP 5

HONORABLE MENTION.  “Ya Body” (Ft. Dreezy)

Your body will subconsciously crave this song.

Jacquees and Dreezy link up to create the ultimate panty-dropping bop in “Ya Body.” This mid-tempo track blends classic R&B vocals with a fast-paced R&B-trap beat. Content-wise, the duo captures an intimate and raw perspective of lovemaking. 



5. One More Time (Ft. John P. Kee) 

On the real, this song almost made me cry. 

Jacquees and John P. Kee team up to give us a soulful, hard-hitting ballad that’s dedicated to the former’s late grandma. ‘Quees opens up to fans about how losing his grandma took a toll on him, how he regrets not spending every moment with her, and how he took her for granted. His pain throughout the song will provoke you to think about the loved ones you may have lost. This emotional ballad is definitely a good closer to the album.



4. Be With You feat. Tory Lanez 

Hear me out. I know what you’re thinking, but this is an instant classic. 

This song has the craziest production. The quickness of the horn and drums within the song backed by these smooth R&B vibes makes “Be With You” earn its rightful spot in the top 5. Despite what’s happening with Tory Lanez, both him and ‘Quees did their thing on this song. The way the two artists sing smoothly about stealing a girl from her relationship is slick as hell.

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3. Tipsy

If that late-night text, “Are U Up?,” was a song. 

This dreamy, slow-tempo R&B bedroom song is about Jacquees seducing his current sneaky link to let him come over for the night. While Jacquees lays down his soothing pipes on the track, he uses the heavy influence of throwback R&B to craft this masterpiece.



2. Start Over

The song you play over and over.

In “Start Over,” Jacquees reminisces about life before he and his ex fell out. He also proclaims that he wants her back. In the midst of ‘Quees pleading for another chance at love, you get these smooth R&B elements that bring deep, soulful feels that music has been missing. 



1. Sex, Hennessy, & R&B/Talking About You

This 2-for-1 classic is my No. 1. 

Who doesn’t love two songs in one? In “Sex, Hennessy & R&B/Talking About You,” Jacquees reignites the fiery, steamy passion missing in R&B today by hitting us with sensual lyrics about late-night lovemaking. He then quickly transitions into a deep love song in which he speaks on his love and admiration for his independent queen who holds it down for him. This double feature is damn there perfect.


1. Sincerely For You (Intro) (3.5/5)

2. Say Yea (2/5)

3. Reason Why (3.5/5)

4. When You Bad Like That (Ft. Future) (4/5)

5. Woman’s Worth (4/5)

6. Start Over (5/5)

7. Tell Me It’s Over (Ft. 6LACK and Summer Walker)(3/5)

7. I Remember (3/5)

8. Ya Body (Ft. Dreezy) (4/5)

9. Be With You (Ft. Tory Lanez) (4/5)

10. Way Too Many Shots (4/5)

11. Still That (3.5/5)

12. Tipsy (4/5)

13. Sex, Hennessy & R&B/Talking About You (5/5)

14. Stay There (3/5)

15. The Mud (Ft. 21 Savage) (3.5/5)

16. One More Time (Ft. John P. Kee) (5/5)




Sincerely For You is the perfect gift for true R&B fans. This album consists of everything from bedroom to energetic to modern R&B.

The guest appearances on Sincerely For You are good and blend well with Jacquees’s smooth vocals. The album does feature many artists, but none feel out of place, highlighting the evolving sound of R&B.

Jacquees has soft, silky vocals that elevate the genre as a whole. His deliveries in every song display the raw passion for sex, love, and life that impacts anyone who listens. I love how his tender voice blends with the laid-back instrumentals he chooses.

Though I think Sincerely For You is solid, I would probably cut a few songs off it, such as “Say Yea” and “Stay There,” to make it a tight, more well-rounded album that isn’t filled with unnecessary fillers. Don’t get me wrong, the songs are not bad; they just weren’t needed.

Sincerely For You provides the emotional R&B music people have been yearning for all year. Jacquees explores issues our generation has with heartbreak, rekindling love, lust, and grieving while soothing us with the sounds of contemporary R&B. No matter what kind of R&B fan you are, this album caters to all.

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