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Russ Brings Us “Home” In New Single

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After taking a quick break, Russ is back to having his foot on the gas.

Remember when Russ was dropping a new single every week last year? As a fan of his, I feel like I was overserved at the time. While Russ hasn’t been nearly as giving this year, he has gifted us with a few singles in the last couple of weeks. His latest is “Home.”

You get the best of both Russ’ in “Home.” Throughout the song, the New Jersey native hits us with passionate vocals and hard-hitting raps over production that feels both peaceful and powerful. As for lyrically, he does an effective job of letting us know that his home is where he wants to be most of the time. I think the track is a down-to-earth gem that will remind you that rappers are humans too.

Give “Home” by Russ a shot below.

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