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J Dreaming Is Shown “Grace (Interlude)”

J Dreaming Is All About "Grace (Interlude)"

Grace (Interlude)

J Dreaming

An emotionally charged hit about gratitude for love.

Covington, Georgia native, J Dreaming, is an artist with a lot to say. He grew up singing, dancing, and playing both the piano and trumpet. It was in high school that he found out that producing music is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. At one point in time, Dreaming found it hard to open himself up to people; now, he’s found his self-expression again. Creating music that is raw and vulnerable has helped him, and he hopes it helps others too. Dreaming’s music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. His latest single, “Grace (Interlude),” hones in on his storytelling skills. The song also has an accompanying acoustic video.

A chill instrumental has Dreaming expressing the gratitude he has for the love he receives. Unsure of whether or not he’s deserving of it, his thoughts are expressed in an intense, emotional way. His mellow and harmonious sound helps to create a track that’s playable through the chilly winters. The message is equally as warm. Even with his mess-ups and mistakes, Dreaming is still given a place he can find solace in. While it’s only a minute and a half in length, “Grace (Interlude)” has the ability to say all the unsaid: the feelings of not being an adequate enough lover but still grateful for the love you’re permitted. So, stream J Dreaming’s “Grace (Interlude)” for a song that best captures all the quiet parts of love.

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