Phundo Art (Ft. SHIKA, 74.97 & Kasey Veaux)

A hip-hop single with an infectious and retro sound.

UK-based musical creative, Phundo Art, is a rapper who has never been without a source of inspiration. Growing up, Phundo was “heavily influenced by South African kwaito music and early 00s hip-hop.” He discovered rock after moving to the UK at the age of twelve. His unique sound doesn’t limit itself to a singular genre; instead, it offers a stunning blend of styles, including rap, drill, and R&B. Phundo’s discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. His latest drop is the hip-hop single “WHAT YOU GONNA DO?” The hit features artists SHIKA, 74.97, and Kasey Veaux.

A dreamy backdrop can still be infectious and emotional, right? “WHAT YOU GONNA DO?” provides listeners with that perfect blend to create something everyone can love. Lyrics like “You say I’m just your type / so what you gonna do now?” and “I’m trying to find out / please don’t waste my time” are delivered with sensual vocals and flirty declarations. It’s all about finding yourself in love and what happens after someone else says they love you. With feel-good moments and an old-school meets modern soundscape, Phundo Art and his fellow creatives gift us a chill hip-hop creation for the holiday season.

Give “WHAT YOU GONNA DO?” a shot below.