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Kro Gets Into It As Early As “3am”

Kro Loves His "3am" Thoughts



A chill rap song for those late nights.

Kro is a genre-mixing musician that creates emotional, genre-bending music. His debut single, “I Don’t Want Problems,” was released in 2019. Kro dropped several singles in that same year, including “Purple Rain,” “New Day,” and “Radio Star.” Last year, he dropped “Summertime Purgatory,” “Live 4 Me,” and “Blue Arrows.” His full discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. As Kro continues to fine-tune his sound, he is also working on defying more genres. His latest fusion piece is the rap hit, “3am.”

“3am” is an alternative rap song that is powered by an acoustic guitar. Within it, Kro reminisces about his past. He remembers smoking with his friends and talking about his booming music career. Kro also touches on the pain and fakeness that he receives from people like his ex. Though this song is pretty chill, its core message is essential: live life to its fullest. For those looking for a mellow rap song to listen to, press play below.

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