Iscah 999 Feels You're "UGLY" For Them


Isach 999

A dark alternative trap song about the fakes.

New Orleans-based artist, Iscah 999, is an underground melodic trap singer and rapper. They first began releasing music on and off in 2020; it was in 2022 when Iscah began consistently releasing music and gained a cult following in online spaces. Those followings have since exploded into bigger fan groups across the Internet. With dark, witchy vibes, they have created their own sound. Their entire discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Iscah 999’s latest single is “UGLY” off their new EP titled THE EP

“UGLY” has a sound that magically transcends you. A fresh trap beat and chilling samples paired with Iscah’s melodic vocals make this a song worth replaying. They bring an energy that you can both vibe and rage to. As for lyrically, Isach sings about choosing to focus on themself, not letting any toxicity or drama from others get in their way. Lyrics like ”We all can see you want nothing good from me” and “Stay out of my way, you cannot compete” shows Iscah sees all the red flags and doesn’t further pursue the problem. It’s so easy to get caught up with others who don’t have your best interests at heart; “UGLY” helps us recognize that. It’s also an incredibly raw and raucous track. So, stream Iscah 999’s “UGLY” to listen to something that gives lessons while also being fun.

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