Land of the Top 5s: The Best Songs With Cake In Its Name

In honor of these festive times, we decided to do a top 5 that pays homage to the ultimate celebration food: cake!

In honor of these festive times, we decided to do a top 5 that pays homage to the ultimate celebration food: cake!



5. Melanie Martinez – Cake

With a soft and dreamy regal sound, “Cake” is a song that has all the right filling. It comes off of Martinez’s highly praised debut album, “Cry Baby.” The alternative pop track is filled with delightfully delicious lyrics. Lyrics so delicious, it feels like you, yourself, are becoming a decadent piece of cake. For Martinez, though, she makes it clear she’s no one’s slice of cake to be eaten or consumed. Martinez has a voice that’s enchanting but also has an angry calm to it (which you never want to see anyone with). Still, the song is a powerful one about taking back your control, which makes it too hard to skip.



4. Red Velvet – Ice Cream Cake

Popular South Korean girl group, Red Velvet, marked a new era with this indulgent comeback single. They said, “what if we sang about Ice cream and cake?,” an act that’s never been done before, and this is the result: A song where they express just how flavorful and melting their love is; just like an ice cream cake. Their strong vocals harmonize and work together to create a pop-filled experience with some electronic flair. If you’re a little hesitant to listen to K-pop, “Ice Cream Cake” is for sure a great introduction to it.

3. Drake – Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2

Drake and Jay-Z exchange fire bars over a moody and chilling sample of Ellie Goulding’s voice. With 7 minutes in length, “Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2” is not a listen for the passive Drake fan. The beat switch-up does help to create a new atmosphere, making the song a two-in-one package. “Pound Cake (minus Paris Morton Music 2)” is godly and delivers all of what we expect out of Drake. As Drake reflects on his success, Jay-Z rhymes cake with cake. Still, it’s a great song from Drake’s arguably best era.



2. DNCE – Cake by the Ocean

DNCE really knows how to make an entrance with this debut single that’s packed with flavor. The band features former (now current) Jonas Brothers member Joe Jonas as their frontman. Jonas definitely shies away from all the clean teen pop songs he once sang with his brothers. “Cake by the Ocean” is a mature track with a fun attitude. There are a lot of sexual innuendos in it (Like, a lot), but its lyrics are clever enough to make any parent oblivious. A lively chorus filled with funk and dance elements helps to catapult this song into everyone’s playlist.



1. Rihanna – Birthday Cake

Ah, 2011, back when Rihanna was continuously releasing music and not running a billion-dollar empire. I think we all overlook just how good “Birthday Cak”e is. The song is only around 1 minute, but that’s more than enough for Rihanna to create a lasting moment. Rihanna is sexy. That’s it, that’s all there is to say. “Birthday Cake” is incredibly sweet and seductive. It sent the Navy into a spiral when it was released. So much so, there were petitions for an extended version. They still never got that full-length version but the original still does the trick.

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