Joc In 06


If DaBaby feels like Joc in 06, that means he’s getting underpaid by Diddy.

While I am sure that DaBaby wishes he could take back some things he did in 2021 and 2022, the good news is this: Every year can serve as a refresh. With that being said, I look for DaBaby, who has steered clear of controversy for the last couple of months, to make a splash in the new year. Today, the North Carolina rapper decided to release “Joc in 06,” a track in which he comes across as his old, unapologetic self.

In “Joc in 06,” DaBaby reminds the world that he is a quick-tempered, violent, and competitive family man that likes to kick ass for fun. What I absolutely love about the song is that it features a menacing beat and a rap flow that gives me DaBaby in ’19 vibes.

Folks forgot how big Yung Joc was in 2006. Even his producer, Nitty, was making money that year.

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